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Hoodia Gordonii Quick Weight Loss Diet Pills


Hoodia Gordonii cactus is an exciting new nutritional supplement for fast natural weight loss. It has been used by the San indigenous tribal people in South Africa as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher during long hunting trips for generations.

Hoodia Diet Pills are NOT detoxifying, amphetamine, diuretic, or epherda weight loss pills, what Hoodia does is to suppress your appetite, stopping you from thinking about food, thereby reducing your caloric intake, HOW does it do this? Our fast weight loss diet pill contains Hoodia Gordonii Cactus which combined with diet and exercise will  result in permanent rapid weight loss.

Hoodia is estimated to be up to 10000 times as potent as glucose in sending a signal to the brain that your body is in a state of satiety, or in common terms: not hungry, clinical trials on obese subjects Hoodia is proven to reduce calorific intake by as much as 40%. Read all the history and decide if hoodia is the most effective way to lose weight quick


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Read What BBC News Correspondent says about Hoodia diet pills.
  60 Minutes
"Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach."
Courtesy of CBS 60 Minutes
Oprah Winfrey’s
“O” Magazine
(Talking about Hoodia)
“Deep in the heart of Southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert may lie the secret to weight loss.”
"A new diet pill made from an African cactus is getting a lot of attention because those who've tried it say it takes away
your hunger..."
NBC Today Show
(Talking about Hoodia)
"Prickly bush (Hoodia) in the Kalahari Desert could be key to weight loss success."
Los Angeles Times
"Hoodia gordonii is Africa's latest cash crop. I grew up with it...I know the stuff works," said hoodia farmer Dougal Bassingthwaighte.
(Talking about Hoodia)
"Celelebrity Anna Nicole Smith says she lost weight using "hoodia," and others claim the weight loss supplement really does works"

Hoodia Gordonii is a leafless, spiky succulent.  It grows naturally in the Northern Cape, a province of South Africa, where Nature Conservation registers it as a protected species in the wild.  Hoodia Gordonii is famous for its effects as an appetite suppressant and mood enhancer.

Recent research has shown that the Hoodia Gordonii species contains a molecule that is similar to glucose, only much stronger.  Scientists believe that this molecule in Hoodia fools the body into believing that it has just eaten. Hoodia is the most effective natural appetite suppressant on the market.

Many people also experience an upliftment in their mood immediately, followed by a complete satiation of the appetite. After eating Hoodia one simply doesn't feel like eating a meal.

Please note that people do report different reaction times to Hoodia - this appears to be dose specific.  Some individuals may need to take more than others order to experience the same effects.

As far as scientists know, there are no negative side-effects. Hoodia is currently not classified as a medicine in South Africa, but as a foodstuff, which is testimony to how safe it is.

Hoodia Gordonii is eaten fresh as a food and is also used medicinally for abdominal pain suggestive of peptic ulceration.

There are more then one Hoodia species each with its own function.  Most Hoodia species are eaten as a foodstuff, thorns peeled off and eaten like a cucumber.  Amongst the native desert tribes, they formed a much-needed emergency supply of food in harsh desert conditions when food was not plentiful.

Hoodia UK's Hoodia Gordonii is grown by farmers who are licensed by Nature Conservation, and the plant is been exported with all the legal paperwork that should    accompany a protected species.

Licensed growers are the only people who can cultivate and export the plant: this ensures the survival of hoodia

Hoodia UK supply the most sought after health products. We ship worldwide from our distribution centres at Ohio  in the USA, the UK and Dublin Ireland. We only chose those natural weight control and healthy lifestyle products which act as appetite suppressants and enable fast weight loss,  the best being Hoodia.

Women taking hoodia gordonii who are aged between 20 and 60 may experience fast weight loss, Please remember a sensible eating plan is advisable.

Anyone Willing to Try What Reporters are Calling the "Magic Bullet" of Weight Loss!

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Money Back Guaranteed! If you are not 100% fully satisfied with any product, simply return the unused portion within thirty days for a full money-back refund (less S&H).

Each bottle contains 90 400mg pure hoodia tablets

Please Note: The same as with any weight loss supplement, Hoodia UK diet pills should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise.


What would you give to get your hands on a 30 day supply of our most powerful formula that will set your metabolism on fire?

Right now we want to help you to literally turn your appetite switch off and have you feeling fuller on less food!

But don�t take our word for it�

Here are just a few facts about the ingredients in our new formula:

Bullet Hoodia tricks the brain into thinking you've eaten, and helps you feel full.

Bullet Those using Hoodia reported a general overall feeling of well being.

Bullet IS NOT like Ephedra and Phenfen that are now either banned or suspected of dangerous side effects.

Bullet Bushmen from South Africa have been using Hoodia for centuries to help ward off hunger during long trips in the desert.

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Money Back Guaranteed! If you are not 100% fully satisfied with any product, simply return the unused portion within thirty days for a full money-back refund (less S&H).

Each bottle contains 90 400mg pure hoodia tablets

Please Note: The same as with any weight loss supplement, Hoodia UK diet pills should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise.

Set Your Metabolisim on Fire and Start Losing Weight
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Turns Your Appetite Switch Off
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Certified Pure 100% South African Hoodia
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There are 400 mgs of 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii Extract in each diet pill.

There are 90 pills in each bottle for a one month supply. Our Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills comes direct from one of only two authorized distributors in South Africa's Kalahari Desert.

We Guarantee this product is 100% pure with no other additives like other Hoodia diet pill supplement on the market.
The Secret of the Kalahari Bushmen...
It all started centuries ago, in order to get through those long hunts the Bushmen would suck from the juice of the Hoodia cactus.

The effect of the Hoodia cactus had on the Bushmen was an appetite suppressant and energy giving force that helped sustain them and get them through the long and hard hunts for food in the sweltering conditions of the Kalahari Desert.
How our Hoodia Diet Pills Can Help You...
This incredible appetite suppressant and energy giving force, opens the door to revolutionary break through in modern diet and weight loss!

Hoodia tricks the brain into thinking you've eaten, and makes you feel full.

Key results of Hoodia reported include a reduced interest in food, delay in the time after eating before hunger sets in again, feeling full more quickly, and a general feeling of well-being.
Here's what one customer had to say...
Everything they say about Ultra Hoodia FB is true... it suppressed my appetite without making me feel all jittery. I have started to lose weight and I couldn't be happier!



Eating smaller amounts of food will put less strain on your stomach. This will allow the stomach to digest the food more quickly and you have less chance of digestive problems. Consider, for example, burping, abdominal distension, bloating, indigestion and heartburn. By eating smaller portions, you will not be inclined to take a nap after meals. Smaller portions therefore make you feel less sleepy after meals..      

Hoodia Gordonii dramatic
weight loss successes

"What the heck is Hoodia? That was 4 months ago, and I'm writing to tell you of my success, having dropped 28 pounds, and increased my fitness beyond belief!! Will I order again....Sure I will!" read more Hoodia quick weight loss success stories. Then send us your diet success.